Wintun Indians

The Wintun were formerly considered a part of Powell’s Copehan stock and the Wintun of Kroeber (1932) but are now placed in the Penutian family. Synonym for Wintu. …Wintun Indians»»

Dakubetede Indians

An Athapascan tribe of Oregon which extended slightly beyond the northern border of California. The Dakubetede belonged to the Athapascan linguistic stock, using a dialect identical with that of the Taltushtuntude. …Dakubetede Indians»»

Shasta Cascade (Plateau) Cultural Area

The Shasta Cascade region of California, also known as the Northwest Plateau, is located in the northeastern and north-central sections of the state bordering Oregon and Nevada, including far northern parts of the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The area is centered on Mount Shasta in the California Cascade Range, near the Trinity Alps. …Shasta Cascade (Plateau) Cultural Area»»

Northeastern California Indians

Northeastern California Indian Tribes

Northeast California is an area composed mainly of lava flows, cinder cones, juniper flats, pine forests and seasonal lakes. This is an area of contemporary California known as Shasta, Siskyou, Modoc, and Lassen counties. …Northeastern California Indians»»

Pomo Indians

The Pomo were originally placed in a distinct linguistic stock (Kulanapan) but are now attached to the widely scattered Hokan family. …Pomo Indians»»

Nongatl Indians

The Nongatl belonged to the Athapascan linguistic family and were closely connected with the Lassik. …Nongatl Indians»»