Northwestern California Indian Tribes

Northwestern California Indian Tribes

Northwest California is an area of rugged topography and heavy forests with no coastal plain. However, given its biotic diversity, it is also one of the most optimal places for a hunting and gathering society. …Northwestern California Indian Tribes»»

Wappo Indians

The Wappo language constituted a very divergent form of speech of the Yukian linguistic family. …Wappo Indians»»

Karok Indians

Originally considered an independent stock, the Karok are now classed in a much larger linguistic connection known as the Hokan family. Their closest relatives are the Chimariko and Shasta. …Karok Indians»»

Okwanuchu Indians

The Okwanuchu belonged to the Shastan Division of the Hokan linguistic stock. …Okwanuchu Indians»»

Dakubetede Indians

An Athapascan tribe of Oregon which extended slightly beyond the northern border of California. The Dakubetede belonged to the Athapascan linguistic stock, using a dialect identical with that of the Taltushtuntude. …Dakubetede Indians»»

Wintun Indians

The Wintun were formerly considered a part of Powell’s Copehan stock and the Wintun of Kroeber (1932) but are now placed in the Penutian family. Synonym for Wintu. …Wintun Indians»»