Wailaki Indians

The Wailaki Indians belonged to the Athapascan linguistic stock and to the southern California group. …Wailaki Indians»»

Maidu Indians

Formerly considered an independent stock, the Maidu have now been placed in the Penutian linguistic family. …Maidu Indians»»

West Central California Indian Tribes

West Central California Indian Tribes

Esselen Indian Tribe

Miwok, Me-wuk, central California

  • Coast Miwok, west-central California
  • Lake Miwok, west-central California
  • Saklan, west-central California
  • Valley and Sierra Miwok, eastern-central California

Ohlone, Costanoan Indian Tribes:

  • Awaswas
  • Chalon
  • Chochenyo
  • Karkin
  • Mutsun
  • Ramaytush
  • Rumsen
  • Tamyen
  • Yelamu


Vanyume Indians

The Vanyume Indians belonged to the Shoshonean Division of the Uto-Aztecan linguistic stock, their closest connections being probably with the Kitanemuk, and secondly with the Serrano. Also called Tübatulabal Indians. …Vanyume Indians»»

Kawaiisu Indians

The Kawaiisu belonged to the Shoshonean branch of the Uto-Aztecan linguistic family, and were a more immediate off-shoot, apparently, of the Chemehuevi. …Kawaiisu Indians»»

California History Timeline

1492 – Far from California, the Spanish explorer Columbus lands in the Caribbean islands.  Columbus brought America to the attention of the civilized world, and to the growing scientific civilizations of Western Europe. …California History Timeline»»