Cupeño Indians

The Cupeno spoke a dialect belonging to the Luiseno-Cahuilla branch of the Shoshonean division of the Uto-Aztecan linguistic stock. …Cupeño Indians»»

Northern Paiute Indians

The Northern Paiute occupied part of the Sierra in the southeastern part of California and the desert country east of it and also a strip of land in the extreme northeast. …Northern Paiute Indians»»

Southeastern California Indian Tribes

Southeastern California Indian Tribes Coso Indian Tribe Mohave Indian Tribe Timbisha Shoshone Indian Tribe  

Agua Caliente Indian Reservation

The Agua Caliente Indian Reservation is home to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. This tribe received federal recognition in 1957. The Agua Caliente Indian Reservation was founded in 1896. A period of forced cultural assimilation followed, including taking Indian children to boarding schools where they were forbidden to speak their language. …Agua Caliente Indian Reservation»»

Southwestern California Indian Tribes

Southwestern California Indian Tribes

Juaneño, Acjachemem Indian Tribe Kumeyaay, Diegueño, Kumiai, southern California
  • Cuyamaca complex, late Holocene precolumbian culture
  • Ipai, southwestern California
    • Jamul, southwestern California
  • Tipai, southwestern California and northwestern Mexico
Luiseño Indian Tribe  

Mohave Indians

The Mohave occupied some territory in the neighborhood of the Colorado River. The Mohave belonged to the Yuman linguistic family. …Mohave Indians»»